• Alloa PS
  • Esker Lake PS
  • Conestoga PS
  • Terry Fox PS
  • Somerset PS
  • Robert H Lagerquist Senior PS
  • Burnt Elm PS
  • Rowntree PS
  • Edenbrook Hill PS
  • Worthington PS
  • Brisdale PS
  • Cheyne MS
  • McCrimmon MS
  • Mt. Pleasant Village PS
  • Nelson Mandela PS
  • Fletcher’s Meadows SS /
    Parkholme School
  • Heart Lake SS
  • Huttonville PS
  • Roberta Bondar PS

Many students from our community attend schools outside of their ward, for example (but not limited to) Herb Campbell PS, Earnscliffe MS, and Mayfield SS. Please remember, VOTE ACCORDING TO WHERE YOU LIVE, NOT JUST ACCORDING TO THE SCHOOL YOUR CHILD ATTENDS.