Suzanne’s record


Since 2006 Suzanne Nurse has established a record of excellence in her role as Trustee. Her commitment, hard work, dedication, and professionalism have enabled her to address issues in a timely and effective manner, always with the needs of the student at the forefront.


Peel Region’s rapid growth has resulted in financial and school management challenges. Successful school systems require the involvement of parents, city officials, educators and accountable school board representation. Suzanne Nurse has partnered with city officials as well as other board Trustees to maintain an ongoing dialogue about the issues in the school system and the necessary steps to resolve them. She is an actively engaged Trustee, who supports youth in reaching their full potential.


Research has shown that reading, writing and math scores need to improve in our region and that there is an overall national decline in science and technology university entrants. With a competitive edge, we can advance in the global marketplace. The curriculum needs to be realigned to focus on the basics and increase the scores, without neglecting other areas of learning. Suzanne Nurse will continue to work hard to remove the barriers and pave the way for our young people to excel.


Brampton is a culturally diverse city with a diversity of needs. It is important for us as individuals and families, to have easier access to information addressing our unique needs. Over the past eight years, Suzanne Nurse has demonstrated a commitment to increasing parental knowledge and awareness of issues affecting our young people. Suzanne is your link to accessing resources in order to secure a successful future for our youth.

Accomplishments and Activities

  • Vice Chair of the PDSB since 2010
  • Oversaw the opening of several new schools in North West and North East Brampton
  • Established and chaired the Board’s first Environmental Committee, inspired by students
  • Successfully advocated for the reduction in walking distances for grade one students and high school students, enabling more students to qualify for transportation
  • Successfully lobbied the province to increase funding for our students with special needs, along with her colleagues
  • Active member of the PDSB Committee dedicated to expanding the availability of specialized programs at the elementary and secondary levels, resulting in the introduction of programs such as Science & Technology and International Business & Technology
  • Guest speaker at the Ontario Principals’ Council to potential Principals, Vice Principals and Superintendents on the role of the School Board Trustee in public education
  • Guest speaker at the Professional Women’s Forum on a personal and professional perspective about women in politics
  • Keynote speaker at the Brampton Ramadan inter-cultural dinner on Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion